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Paths to Improvement: Navigating Your Way to Success Coaching Reference Guide
The Paths to Improvement: Coaching Reference Guide summarizes the 14 plans from the Paths to Improvement: Navigating Your Way to Success book and offers quick and easy reference, making coaching conversations simpler and more effective.
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Learning Agility Architect™ Quick Reference Guide
Designed as a resource for understanding and applying the Learning Agility Architect™ assessment, the Quick Reference Guide includes detailed descriptions and common uses for the Learning Agility Architect Sort Cards as well as other Learning Agility Architect™ tools.
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Korn Ferry Leadership Architect™ Sort card quick reference guide
The Korn Ferry Leadership Architect™ Sort cards quick reference guide is a user-friendly, easy-to-follow reference guide that outlines the most common card sorts, how to use tally sheets and effective ways to formulate group card sort results.
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Team Architect® Practitioner Guide
The Team Architect® Practitioner Guide is designed to help team facilitators apply the Team Architect® in a real-world setting. The Guide can be used in combination with any of the intellectual property and supporting tools in the Team Architect® Suite.
Team Architect® Sort Cards Quick Reference Guide
The Team Architect® Sort Cards Quick Reference Guide helps organizations use the card sort methodology to accelerate raters’ understanding of the behaviors that make up the T7 Team Effectiveness Model. Calibrating the results in real-time facilitates group process and builds buy-in for the team to take action on development themes that emerge.
Learning Agility Architect™ Quick Score Questionnaire
A versatile self-scorable paper survey updated to measure the five factors of Learning Agility allowing for quick assessment of self and others, streamlined scoring and easy interpretation of results.
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