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Becoming an Agile Leader explores the five key characteristics, or factors, of Learning Agility– a proven
With Becoming an Agile Leader: A Guide to Learning From Your Experiences, you can explore the formative experiences that

FYI For Your Improvement™ 5th Edition is an easy-to-use development tool that features a chapter of actionable tips for each of 67 Leadership Architect® Competencies, 19 Career Stallers and Stoppers and 7 Global Focus Areas.

How can we prepare leaders for the future when even top experts and analysts grapple with predicting what the future holds? Accepting ambiguity and change as constants, the authors of The Leadership Machine, talent and leadership masters, Mike Lombardo and Bob Eichinger, outline an approach to building leaders that has stood the test of changing times. Grounded in years of experience, wisdom, and science, The Leadership Machine continues to be a forward-thinking, fundamental touchstone for both leaders and those responsible for building leadership bench strength.
A must-have resource for high potential development, FYI™ for Learning Agility is valuable both as a self-guided