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Choices Architect® Paper Quick Score Questionnaire - Research Rating Scale, 2nd Edition

Choices Architect® Paper Quick Score Questionnaire - Research Rating Scale, 2nd Edition

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Score and assess quickly

Choices Architect® Quick Score Questionnaires are a carbonless, paper version of the paper survey that let administrators score the survey in half the time. Paper Questionnaires for learners let users assess others using coded questionnaires instead of sorting cards.

Choices Architect® Questionnaires help organizations:

  • Assess individual learning agility
  • Determine how individuals compare to others in learning agility
  • Incorporate learning agility results into succession planning efforts

Questionnaires available in two formats

Choices Architect® Questionnaires are available in two formats:

  • A carbonless, paper version for the administrator (not rater or learner)
  • A paper version that lets users assess others using coded questionnaires instead of sorting cards
Use With

We recommend using this with…

Choices Architect® Sort Cards—are used by organizations to identify, validate and select those who are the most learning agile, who make sense of work and personal experiences and add those lessons to their lifelong learnings portfolio.

Choices Architect® Quick Reference Guide—was created to be used with the Choices Architect® Sort Cards. The Cards help managers assess learning agility in four learning factors &mdash mental, people, change and results agility.

Choices Architect® Online Surveys—can be administered electronically via Lominger’s Global Survey Center. Cost-effective Online Surveys feature easy-to-read and interpret reports, rater confidentiality and a user-friendly format.

eChoices™ Online Survey for Development

eChoices™ Online Survey for Succession Planning

(A short report version for succession planning applications with five or fewer raters—no self ratings)

Choices Architect® Technical Manual—is a detailed account of the background research on the Choices Architect® instrument and how it measures learning agility.

FYI for Learning Agility™—a book of tips and strategies that help people develop skills that lead to increased learning agility.

High Learning Agility Profiles—outline the seven distinct types of learning agility—providing learning agile individuals with a method to identify which of the seven profiles best fit them, learn the situations that favor their learning agility strengths, and determine opportunities for developing their learning agility.

viaEDGE™ is an online individual assessment of learning agility—an individual’s ability and willingness to both learn from experience and apply that learning to perform successfully under new or first-time situations.

A Lominger intellectual property license lets you customize this content for your organization’s internal use.

Learn More
Read a sample chapter of FYI for Learning Agility™.

Download a copy of an overview of the Choices Architect® Suite.

Become certified. Because we believe in best practice applications, some tools require certification to purchase. Certification ensures a research foundation, applied practice and knowledge transfer so you may effectively implement best practices in your organization.

Download a copy of our new Usage Guide—Unlocking Potential: Understanding and Applying Tools to Identify and Develop Learning Agility.

Download an excerpt from a learning agility presentation at the 2010 Mid Winter Conference of Consulting Psychology Conference in Scottsdale, AZ.

Download a copy of the whitepaper Global Talent Management: Using learning agility to identify high potentials around the world.