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Identify the ‘Strategic Few’ Best to Lead

Leaders often fail because they depend too much on what made them successful in the past. They are not learning agile. The viaEDGE™ self-assessment measures an individual’s ability and willingness to learn from experience—and perform successfully in new situations. Distinct from intelligence — learning agility is the single, best predictor of high-potential.

viaEDGE™ easily and efficiently gauges the potential of large numbers of individuals, with the ease of an online self-administered assessment. viaEDGE™ helps organizations:

  • Assess internal talent for placement and development of high potentials
  • Aid in external candidate hiring
  • Identify managers most likely to succeed in international assignments

Five dimensions of learning agility

viaEDGE™ measure the four traditional dimensions of learning agility — mental, people, change, and results — plus adds a fifth, self-awareness. Recent research suggests self-awareness is the #1 predictor of executive success.

  • Mental agility—comfortable with complexity
  • People agility—skilled communicator who can work with a diversity of people
  • Change agility—like to experiment and comfortable with change
  • Results agility—deliver results in first-time situations
  • Self-awareness—the depth to which an individual recognizes skills, strengths, weaknesses, blind spots, and hidden strengths

The viaEDGE™ assessment takes about 30 minutes. Summary results are delivered immediately, with in depth results and interpretation delivered though Korn/Ferry certified coaches.

Agile learners tend to know what to do, even when they don’t know what to do. Find out who they are in your organization.

Use With

We recommend using this with…

Becoming an Agile Leader Book- explores the five key characteristics, or factors, of Learning Agility– a proven success differentiator for leaders. Becoming an Agile Leader is filled with more than 70 practical development tips you can start using today to increase your own agility and help ensure success in new, challenging assignments.

Becoming an Agile Leader: A Guide to Learning From Your Experiences- Explores the formative experiences that shaped the learning agile leaders profiled in the book Becoming An Agile Leader. This practical guide lets you reflect on your own experiences, past and present, and includes a comprehensive listing of on- and off-the-job experiences that will help you plan for assignments that build Learning Agility.

FYI for Learning Agility™—Book of tips and strategies that help people develop skills that lead to increased learning agility.

High Learning Agility Profiles—The seven distinct types of learning agility—providing learning agile individuals with a method to identify which of the seven profiles best fit them, learn the situations that favor their learning agility strengths, and determine opportunities for developing their learning agility.

An FYI for Learning Agility™ Intellectual Property License—lets organizations customize FYI for Learning Agility™ content for their organization’s internal use. Available in English, French, German, and Spanish.

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