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FYI For Your Improvement™ 5th Edition

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Leverage Experiential Learning

FYI For Your Improvement™ 5th Edition is an easy-to-use development tool that features a chapter of actionable tips for each of 67 Leadership Architect® Competencies, 19 Career Stallers and Stoppers and 7 Global Focus Areas.

FYI For Your Improvement™ 5th Edition is for:

  • Individual learners working on their own development
  • Bosses, supervisors and managers working on the development of someone who works with or for them
  • Coaches, mentors and feedback givers

Competency-based development

Each chapter of FYI For Your Improvement™ 5th Edition features:

  • Competency definitions—unskilled, skilled and overused skill content
  • Causes—numerous reasons why learners may have this need
  • Leadership Architect® Factors and Clusters
  • Remedies—ten or more tips to work directly on this need
  • Develop-in-Place Assignments
  • Suggested readings

We recommend using this with…

Leadership Architect® Sort Cards is made up of single cards devoted to each of 67 Leadership Architect® Competencies, 19 Career Stallers and Stoppers, and 7 Global Focus Areas. Each card includes the skilled, unskilled, and overused skill definitions.

Leadership Architect® Sort Cards Quick Reference Guide a user-friendly, easy-to-follow color guide offering step-by-step instructions on the most common card sorts, how to use tally sheets, and effective ways to formulate group card sort results.

Leadership Architect® Research and Interpretation Guide with 2013 global norms and performance correlation data, features double-sided illustrations that depict supporting research for using the Leadership Architect® Competencies, Stallers and Stoppers, and Factors and Clusters.

FYI Development Plan Form allows coaches, managers and individual employees to create easy-to-use development plans. (use this link  location

FYI for Insight: 21 Leadership Characteristics for Success and the 5 That Get You Fired starts individuals on a path toward improvement by building self-awareness. FYI for Insight is used to help individuals gain awareness, get to acceptance, and take action to improve performance.

Career Architect® Development Planner 5th Edition was created to help with deeper and more expert development initiatives. Each chapter provides the same development content as FYI For Your Improvement™ with four additional learning sections that focus on long-term experiential development.

YOU: Being More Effective in Your MBTI® Type is the only research-based leadership development book built around MBTI®’s 16 personality types and 20 facets underlying those types.


Read a sample chapter of FYI For Your Improvement™ 5th Edition.

Download a copy of an overview of the Leadership Architect® Suite.

Download a copy of FYI For Your Improvement™ 5th Edition Usage Guide

Download an Executive Insights article—Setting the Stage for Success: Building the Leadership Skills that Matter.

Download a copy of the whitepaper The Art and Science of Competency Modeling: Best practices in developing and implementing success profiles.


Make talent management execution easier

Two talent management best practices have been shown to make talent management program execution easier—adherence to a consistent, common language of development and access to research-based content.

Integrating research-based content

Automating your talent management systems? We have partnered with leading technology vendors to deliver value by integrating our research-based and experience-tested content. Our FYI For Your Improvement™ Development Remedies are just one example of content used for development coaching or to create formal or personal development plans.

FYI For Your Improvement™ Development Remedies:

  • Were developed from research on competencies—what experiences teach them, what they look like, what their elements are
  • Are brief, doable and action oriented
  • Give motivated people a way to get started right away and see results quickly

Partnering with experts

We partner with software vendors so you can easily use our content in a system you already have in place or plan to implement. These partners provide access to our content and the flexibility to meet your talent management needs:

  • Cornerstone OnDemand
  • Halogen Software
  • Oracle/PeopleSoft
  • Peoplefluent
  • SuccessFactors

For more information email alliances at

Using your own system

If you like our content but don’t see your technology vendor listed or you want to create your own database or reference library, contact our licensing department at A license will let you use this content within your own talent management processes and materials or in your own database.


License FYI For Your Improvement™ content

An FYI For Your Improvement™ intellectual property license lets organizations embed competency language into existing systems, leverage familiar technology to streamline new program initiatives, and gain early buy-in for new programs.

Organizations can use an FYI For Your Improvement™ intellectual property license to create derivatives that may include:

  • Presentations
  • Worksheets
  • Memos
  • Job descriptions
  • Employee Management Systems
  • E-mails

Enhance current development programs

An FYI For Your Improvement™ intellectual property license lets organizations:

  • Renewable licenses grants access to new FYI 5th Edition content
  • Track developmental progress in internal documents
  • Embed the content in people development programs/processes
  • Enhance current development programs
  • Use the “map” to articulate why a particular competency is important for success
  • Aid development with the use of develop-in-place assignments

For more information on licensing KF content, contact our licensing department