Interview Architect® Professional Handbook

Interview Architect® Professional Handbook

$175.00 USD

Interview Architect® Professional Handbook is a human resources tool designed to assist employers with the interviewing process. The professional handbook is the full exhaustive resource for the HR professional experienced in interviewing protocol. Interviewers can fully assess candidates on the 67 competencies and the 10 performance dimensions.

Interview Architect® Professional Handbook includes:

  • Arenas/Domains to explore with the candidate
  • A large library of sample questions at the 4 dimensions of interviewing
  • Follow-up probes and themes to look for
  • Resume look for's, learning agility evaluation, competency connections, developmental difficulty and more

We recommend using this with…

Interviewing Right: How Science Can Sharpen Your Interviewing Accuracy is a hands-on guide that helps enhance organization interviewing practices by moving managers from a unstructured interview process to a behavior-based interviewing approach.

Learning From Experience™ (LFE) Interview Guide helps organizations build future bench strength through interviewing and selecting the most learning agile internal and external candidates.

Interview Architect® Express Interviewer’s Kit offers quality of hire and speed of process with interviewing tools that are flexible and easy to use. Interviewers can assess candidates on 67 Competencies, 19 Career Stallers and Stoppers, 7 Global Focus Areas and 26 Clusters and 8 Factors.

Download an overview of the Interview Architect® Suite.

Download The Interview Architect® Usage Guide.

Download an Executive Insights paper 'Ready. Set. Recovery! Are You Ready for the Hiring Realities of 2013?'


License Interview Architect® content

An Interview Architect® intellectual property license lets organizations embed competency language into existing systems, leverage familiar technology to streamline new program initiatives, and gain early buy-in for new programs.

Organizations can use an Interview Architect® intellectual property license to create derivatives that may include:

  • Presentations
  • Worksheets
  • Memos
  • Job descriptions
  • Employee Management Systems
  • E-mails

Customize interviewing guides

An Interview Architect® intellectual property license lets organizations:

  • Personalize and customize interviewing content
  • Enhance their interviewing application by adding unique criteria
  • Uniquely brand interviewing guides
  • Reorganize interviewing guide templates
  • Alter probing questions and positive and negative themes to meet organization needs
  • Use the learning evaluation summary to determine learning agility characteristics

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