Leadership Architect® 2013 Global Validation Research Report (PDF)

Leadership Architect® 2013 Global Validation Research Report (PDF)

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The Leadership Architect® 2013 Global Validation Research Report incorporates performance correlation data on two different levels – Competencies and performance correlations, and career stallers and stoppers and likelihood to derail correlations. This report presents the results of the Global Validation Study using the data collected between September 2012 and April 2013 through VOICES®, a 360-degree tool assessing 67 Competencies and 19 Career Stallers and Stoppers. Performance criterion information was also obtained through VOICES®. Bosses of the participants were asked to rate 10 performance items in addition to the competencies and/or Career Stallers and Stoppers. The 10 performance items fell into four categories: Job performance, readiness for promotion, likelihood to fail, and leadership effectiveness. An Overall Performance score was created by averaging the 10 performance items.

Using the Research Report

Findings in the Leadership Architect® 2013 Global Validation Research Report were divided into multiple parts for each of the two sections:

Section I presents the correlations between competencies and performance outcomes.

Section II reports the correlations between Career Stallers and Stoppers and the rating of Likelihood to Fail.

In each section, the correlations were investigated for the total sample as well as for some demographic categories, such as different position levels and global regions.

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