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FYI for Talent Engagement™

FYI For Talent Engagement™ was written to be a companion piece to Talent Engagement Architect™, a service offering designed to help organizations assess and increase levels of engagement in the general employee population and in targeted groups of high-potential employees.

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Becoming An Agile Leader: Know What To Do…When You Don't Know What To Do
Becoming an Agile Leader explores the five key characteristics, or factors, of Learning Agility– a proven success differentiator for leaders. Spotlighting well-known leaders from business and the world stage, Becoming an Agile Leader is filled with more than 70 practical development tips you can start using today to increase your own agility and help ensure success in new, challenging assignments.
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Career Architect® Development Planner 5th Edition
The Career Architect® Development Planner 5th Edition was created for deeper and more detailed development planning than FYI For Your Improvement™. The content provides in-depth research that helps learners identify the right development experiences and how to best learn from those experiences.
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Powerful Proposals
Powerful Proposals is written in a non-textbook, relaxed style—complete with anecdotes and examples from experiences from the field. A crucial and thorough resource, Powerful Proposals is the key to creating dynamic, informative business proposals that will powerfully sell your services, convince your clients, and drive your firm’s growth for years to come.
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Talent Management Best Practice Series: Leadership Development
Leadership development plays a critical role in an organization’s ability to successfully narrow the strategy-execution gap. Learn more about Korn/Ferry’s point of view on things to keep in mind for effective leadership development.
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FYI for Learning Agility™ (2004 1st edition, gold cover) - Russian
FYI for Learning Agility™ (formerly called FYI for Talent Management™) was designed for any motivated person seeking to develop skills that lead to increased learning agility—referring to the ability to perform well under first-time, challenging conditions.
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Choices Architect® Sort Card Deck, 2nd Edition - Russian

Choices Architect® Sort Cards are used by organizations to identify, validate and select those who are the most learning agile, who make sense of work and personal experiences and add those lessons to their lifelong learnings portfolio.

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YOU: Chapter on Being more effective in your MBTI® Type (5-pack)

YOU: Being More Effective in Your MBTI® Type Individual Chapters are a great resource for coaching, teambuilding, career counseling, and workshops and training sessions. Order all 16 types or just the chapters you need.

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Leader as Coach: Strategies for Coaching and Developing Others
Coaching improves the bottom line because it goes to the heart of what makes people productive. The five high-impact strategies outlined in this book will help you form strong partnerships, accelerate learning, and make a solid investment in people’s growth and development.
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FYI for Strategic Effectiveness™

FYI For Strategic Effectiveness™: Aligning People and Operational Practices to Strategies provides tips and resources for leaders responsible for strategic organizational change, culture management and business process alignment.

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Selecting an Agile Leader
Take the guess-work out of identifying high potential talent in the interview process with Selecting an Agile Leader.
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Strategic Effectiveness Architect&reg; Sort Card Deck

Strategic Effectiveness Architect® Sort Cards help organizations create a sustained increase in ROI by aligning people practices to firm strategy and customer value.