Interview Architect®

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Interview Architect® Learning and Application Guide – Based on the 67 Competency Model
Interview Architect® Learning and Application Guide is part of a comprehensive Interview Architect® Trainer’s Tool Set created to streamline and enhance efforts to implement Interview Architect® in an organization.
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Interview Architect® Professional Handbook (Base 67 Model)
Interview Architect® Professional Handbook is a human resources tool designed to assist employers with the interviewing process. The professional handbook is the full exhaustive resource for the HR professional experienced in interviewing protocol.
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Interview Architect®  Interviewer’s Kit
Interview Architect® Kit
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Interviewing Right: How Science can Sharpen Your Interviewing Accuracy

Interviewing Right is a hands-on guide that integrates scientific research with practical experiences. The guide can help enhance organization interviewing practices by moving managers from a casual, unstructured interview process to a more focused and rigorous behavior-based interviewing approach.

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