YOU: Chapter on Being more effective in your MBTI® Type (5-pack)



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YOU: Being More Effective in Your MBTI® Type Individual Chapters are a great resource for coaching, teambuilding, career counseling, and workshops and training sessions. Order all 16 types or just the chapters you need.

YOU is for:

  • People who want to have better work and non-work relationships
  • HR Professionals who want to be able to relate personality style to skills and effectiveness
  • Experienced MBTI instrument users who want to directly relate type preference to increasing competence at work

Working with MBTI® types

Each of the individual chapters includes

  • Typical strengths of that type
  • Typical communication patterns
  • General learning strategy
  • Blind spots
  • Stress related behavior
  • Connections to the Leadership Architect® Competencies

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YOU: Being More Effective in Your MBTI® Type The only research-based leadership development book built around the 16 personality types measured by the Myers Briggs Type Indicator® instrument and the 20 facets underlying those types (MBTI® Step II).

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