Choices Architect® Sort Card Deck, 2nd Edition - Russian


Identify learning agility

Choices Architect® Sort Cards are used by organizations to identify, validate and select those who are the most learning agile, who make sense of work and personal experiences and add those lessons to their lifelong learnings portfolio.

Choices Architect® Sort Cards are used primarily for training and certification purposes. The Sort Cards help organizations:

  • Assess individual learning agility
  • Determine how individuals compare to others in learning agility
  • Incorporate learning agility results into succession planning efforts

Assessing four learning factors

Choices Architect® Sort Cards help managers assess learning agility in four learning factors:

  • Mental agility
  • People agility
  • Change agility
  • Results agility


License Choices Architect® content

A Choices Architect® intellectual property license lets organizations calibrate how organizations talk about high potentials including creating a common language that allows differentiation and comparisons between high potentials.

Organizations can use a Choices Architect® intellectual property license to create derivatives that may include:

  • Presentations
  • Worksheets
  • Memos
  • Job descriptions
  • Employee Management Systems
  • E-mails

Enhancing current high-potential development

A Choices Architect® intellectual property license lets organizations:

  • Create a customized approach to assessing/identifying high potentials
  • Customize development plans for high potentials
  • Maintain an internal database of high potentials
  • Define skilled/unskilled learning agility characteristics, a map to competencies, and an importance scale of each learning agility dimension