Team Architect® Practitioner Guide



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Facilitate real-world team building

The Team Architect® Practitioner Guide is designed to help team facilitators apply the Team Architect® in a real-world setting. The Guide can be used in combination with any of the intellectual property and supporting tools in the Team Architect® Suite.

Facilitators use the Team Architect® Practitioner Guide with:

  • Newly formed teams
  • Good teams who want to become high-performing teams
  • Teams with a new leader
  • Project teams
  • Cross-functional teams

Sustaining high-performing teams

The Team Architect® Practitioner Guide features:

  • An introduction to the organizational need to create and sustain high-performing teams
  • An overview of the theory of the Team Architect® Suite and the T7 Team Effectiveness Model
  • Tools to support the Team Architect® program
  • Sample applications of the Team Architect® assessment and development solution
  • Implementation and group process tips
  • Team research and general best practices

Use With

We recommend using this with...

FYI for Teams™ 2nd Edition—an easy-to-use research-based tool designed to help organizations increase team effectiveness and overall performance.

Team Architect® Sort Cards—help organizations assess inside- and outside-the-team factors that determine team effectiveness. The team tool set is based on 15 years of high-performing team research and includes Sort Cards, an eTeam™ Online Survey and FYI for Teams™ 2nd Edition.

Team Architect® Sort Cards Quick Reference Guide— helps organizations use the card sort methodology to accelerate raters’ understanding of the behaviors that make up the T7 Team Effectiveness Model.

Learn More

Read a sample chapter of FYI For Teams™ 2nd Edition.

Download an overview of all of the tools in the Team Architect® Suite.

Download an overview of additions to FYI for Teams™ 2nd Edition.

Download an overview of the Team Architect® Research and Interpretation Guide.

Become certified. Because we believe in best practice applications, some tools require certification to purchase. Certification ensures a research foundation, applied practice and knowledge transfer so you may effectively implement best practices in your organization.

DownloadThe whitepaper titled, Driving Team Effectiveness: A comparative analysis of the Korn Ferry T7 Model with other popular models.


License Team Architect® content

A Team Architect® intellectual property license lets organizations institutionalize a culture of high-performing teams. Based on the T7 Team Effectiveness Model, Team Architect® is a proven assessment methodology designed to increase team performance and overall organizational effectiveness.

Organizations can use a Team Architect® intellectual property license to create derivatives that may include:

  • Presentations
  • Worksheets
  • Memos
  • Employee Management Systems
  • E-mails
  • Team Charter
  • Team Development Plans

Enhance team performance

Organizations can use the Team Architect&Reg; intellectual property license to:

  • Promote a consistent, universal language around what constitutes a high-performing team
  • Identify the strengths and development needs of teams
  • Build capabilities aligned with effective team behaviors
  • Embed the content in team development programs/processes