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How to Give Your Business the Winning Edge

Powerful Proposals breaks down the “DNA” of a proposal—i.e., it is a sales document—and probes the implications of that critically important premise for all companies who prepare competitive proposals. Powerful Proposals is based on:

  • Almost fifty years of combined experience working on proposals with business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-government (B2G) clients
  • Placing proposals and the proposal process into the broader context of business development and sales
  • Disassembling the notion that a proposal is an isolated event triggered by the receipt of an RFP
  • Providing models, processes, tools, and methods for creating superior proposals

Powerful Proposals readers and adopters:

  • Get a comprehensive, non-technical discussion of what makes superior proposals
  • Learn not only about proposal design but also about strategy, evaluators, customer audiences, and proposal “behaviors”
  • Learn about how to create ‘the reader-friendly proposal’
  • Learn how to increase competitive advantage through differentiated proposals and executive summaries Gain insights into the art of the proposal from non-theoretical, experience-based proposal experts
  • Learn proven processes, models, and tools to foster positive differentiation in how any proposal gets produced