Talent Management Best Practice Series: Executive Onboarding (PDF)



About the Korn/Ferry Institute Talent Management Best Practice Series

The Korn/Ferry Institute Best Practice Series provides a window into the thought leadership and expertise that Korn/Ferry International offers as the premier global provider of talent management solutions. Each installation of the series covers a key area of talent management and captures Korn/Ferry’s science, philosophy, and approach. These best practice books provide an introduction to who Korn/Ferry thought leaders are, what Korn/Ferry does best, and how Korn/Ferry can fuel organizations’ success in meeting their strategic talent management needs.

Korn/Ferry’s approach is based on science and informed by what works in practice. The Korn/Ferry Institute Best Practice Series is intended to summarize key, unique points of view held by Korn/Ferry thought leaders that inform our methods and approach to strategic talent management. Consider it a way to spark new thinking and get to know what Korn/Ferry offers.

Executive Onboarding

Whether it’s an internal promotion or an external hire, people filling new roles have a lot of contextual clues to consider that will help them hit the ground running and avoid missteps. In this volume, we explore the unique points of view Korn/Ferry holds regarding how critical the onboarding phase is to an executive’s success and how to optimize the unique opportunities it offers.