Talent Management Best Practice Series: Leadership Development (PDF)



About the Korn/Ferry Institute Talent Management Best Practice Series

The Korn/Ferry Institute Best Practice Series provides a window into the thought leadership and expertise that Korn/Ferry International offers as the premier global provider of talent management solutions. Each installation of the series covers a key area of talent management and captures Korn/Ferry’s science, philosophy, and approach. These best practice books provide an introduction to who Korn/Ferry thought leaders are, what Korn/Ferry does best, and how Korn/Ferry can fuel organizations’ success in meeting their strategic talent management needs.

Korn/Ferry’s approach is based on science and informed by what works in practice. The Korn/Ferry Institute Best Practice Series is intended to summarize key, unique points of view held by Korn/Ferry thought leaders that inform our methods and approach to strategic talent management. Consider it a way to spark new thinking and get to know what Korn/Ferry offers.

Leadership Development

Why do some organizations execute flawlessly on their strategy while others fail? Why do some successfully shift while others remain bogged down in the status quo? Although there are obviously many factors that affect an organization’s ability and ultimate success at executing on its shift, it is Korn/Ferry’s assertion that, in large part, success has to do with how effectively and aggressively your people “activate” the strategy — turning it from ideas into action and from action into impact. This book examines the role that leadership development can play in the narrowing of the strategy-execution gap.