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Conduct structured interviews

With the improved Interview Architect® Interviewer's Kit. Interviewers will have access to the full Korn Ferry competency library, including the 67 Competencies, 19 Career Stallers and Stoppers, 7 Global Focus Areas, 26 Clusters and 8 Factors in one easy to use, hard-cover book. Our specially designed note pad, included in the kit, will help ensure accurate note-taking during interviews. Use the Interview Architect® Interviewer’s Kit as a flexible and straightforward resource to produce quality hires and increase the speed of the hiring process.

Interview Architect® Tools are for:

  • Hiring managers looking to conduct interviews in a structured, standardized format
  • HR professionals who want a straightforward means to evaluate candidates
  • Managers unfamiliar with the structured interview process

Use With

We recommend using this with…

Interview Architect® Learning and Application Guide—is part of a comprehensive Interview Architect® Trainer’s Tool Set created to streamline and enhance efforts to implement Interview Architect® in an organization.Interviewing Right: How Science can Sharpen Your Interviewing Accuracy—a hands-on guide that integrates scientific research with practical experiences. The guide can help enhance organization interviewing practices by moving managers from a casual, unstructured interview process to a more focused and rigorous behavior-based interviewing approach.

Leadership Architect® Research and Interpretation Guide (Color laminated)—feature double-sided illustrations that depict supporting research for using the Leadership Architect® Competencies, Stallers and Stoppers, and Factors and Clusters.

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Download a copy of the Interview Architect® Usage Guide.

Download an Executive Insights paper 'Ready. Set. Recovery! Are You Ready for the Hiring Realities of 2013?'


License Interview Architect® content

An Interview Architect® intellectual property license lets organizations embed competency language into existing systems, leverage familiar technology to streamline new program initiatives, and gain early buy-in for new programs.

Organizations can use an Interview Architect® intellectual property license to create derivatives that may include:

  • Presentations
  • Worksheets
  • Memos
  • Job descriptions
  • Employee Management Systems
  • E-mails

Customize interviewing guides

Interview Architect® Express Online—a subscription–based Web application that features one-page behavioral event interview guides that provide everything you need to assess competencies in a simple-to-use, single-page format, as well as add your custom competencies or questions.

An Interview Architect® intellectual property license lets organizations:

  • Personalize and customize interviewing content
  • Enhance their interviewing application by adding unique criteria
  • Uniquely brand interviewing guides
  • Reorganize interviewing guide templates
  • Alter probing questions and positive and negative themes to meet organization needs
  • Use the learning evaluation summary to determine learning agility characteristics