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The Kolb Learning Styles Inventory, 3.2 (KLSI 3.2) takes the 4 preferred learning styles found in the Kolb Learning Styles Inventory, 3.1 (KLSI) and breaks them down further into 9 styles. Using these 9 styles, participants gain a more comprehensive understanding of their learning style. Everyone has their own way of learning. Understanding your own style – and that of other people – can help you tune into the needs of others so that you and your team work more effectively.

New learning style types: 

  • Initiating
  • Experiencing
  • Imagining
  • Reflecting
  • Analyzing
  • Thinking
  • Deciding
  • Acting
  • Balancing

Use the Kolb Learning Styles Inventory 3.2 (LSI3.2) to help your employees and students:

  • Understand how their learning style impacts upon problem solving, teamwork, handling
  • Conflict, communication and career choice
  • Develop more learning flexibility
  • Find out why teams work well – or badly – together
  • Strengthen their overall learning.

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