KOLB Learning Styles Inventory (KLSI) Workbook V3.1 - 10PK



Everyone has their own way of learning. The Kolb Learning Style Inventory recognizes individual learning preferences, while encouraging individuals to expand and apply their learning strengths. Understanding your own style – and that of other people – can help you tune into the needs of others so that you and your team work more effectively.

The Kolb Learning Style Inventory helps your employees or students understand their unique learning preference and develop a well-rounded approach to their learning and problem solving.

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KOLB Learning Styles Inventory (KLSI) Reference Card -10 PK The KLSI reference cards are a great summary piece for participants to take away and refer to on an ongoing basis.

Stuck Truck Exercise - 10 PkThe stuck truck exercise invites participants to resolve an emergency situation by ranking, in order of importance, a list of useful items.

KOLB Learning Styles Inventory (KLSI) V3.1 Facilitators GuideDesigned for anyone using the Kolb learning suite for the first time, or wanting to extend their use of it.

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