Paths to Improvement: Navigating Your Way to Success Coaching Reference Guide



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Enable More Productive Coaching Conversations

The Paths to Improvement: Coaching Reference Guide summarizes the 14 plans from the Paths to Improvement: Navigating Your Way to Success book and offers quick and easy reference, making coaching conversations simpler and more effective.

The Coaching Reference Guide is for:

  • Coaches and managers who are helping individual employees address their critical-skill gaps
  • Executives responsible for talent and human resource management
  • Proactive, self-sufficient individual learners who want to work through a plan for improving a mission-critical skill

Using the Coaching Reference Guide

Coaches can use the Coaching Reference Guide to:
  • Choose the best plan for the current situation and skill level
  • Answer the coaching questions provided in each of five steps to improvement
  • Gain buy-in by using the plan template to set a goal and create an interim and longer-term plan

Motivated individuals will find the Coaching Reference Guide an invaluable resource for:

  • Assessing their own skill levels—and skill gaps
  • Determining which plan is most appropriate
  • Setting a goal and monitoring progress

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