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Learning Agility, the ability to perform well under first-time, challenging conditions, is a key differentiator in identifying and developing your most successful leaders. Selecting an Agile Leader, a companion resource for the Learning from Experience™ (LFE) Interview Guide, illustrates what Learning Agility looks like in the interview process and takes the guess-work out of identifying and selecting your high potential talent.

Selecting an Agile Leader is relevant for:

  • HR professionals utilizing the LFE Interview Guide to assess internal and external candidates for Learning Agility
  • Executive stakeholders hiring high potential talent
  • Career-minded individuals pursuing new and challenging leadership positions

This resource outlines:

  • When to use the LFE Interview Guide and the value of a structured assessment process when interviewing for high potential talent
  • Interview examples highlighting high/middle/low Learning Agility levels
  • Tips and techniques for implementing a solid, best-practices approach for assessing Learning Agility

Use With

We recommend using this with…

Learning from Experience™ Interview Guide —A human resources tool designed to guide interviewers through a structured format when assessing learning agility in the interview process.

Becoming an Agile Leader Book—Explores the five key characteristics, or factors, of Learning Agility– a proven success differentiator for leaders. Becoming an Agile Leader is filled with more than 70 practical development tips you can start using today to increase your own agility and help ensure success in new, challenging assignments.

Becoming an Agile Leader: A Guide to Learning From Your Experiences—Explores the formative experiences that shaped the learning agile leaders profiled in the book Becoming An Agile Leader. This practical guide lets you reflect on your own experiences, past and present, and includes a comprehensive listing of on- and off-the-job experiences that will help you plan for assignments that build Learning Agility.

FYI™ for Learning Agility 2nd Edition—A must-have resource for high potential development, FYI™ for Learning Agility is valuable both as a self-guided development tool and as a resource for coaches and managers in developing the skills to succeed in first time and challenging roles.

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A Selecting an Agile Leader intellectual property license allows organizations to calibrate how organizations assess high potentials including creating a common language that allows differentiation and comparisons between high potentials.

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