Emotional Intelligence Workbook (ESCI)



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Tackle everyday challenges with emotional and social intelligence. Emotional and social intelligence is the ability to recognize our own – and others – feelings, motivate ourselves and manage emotions in ourselves and others. It helps people give their best to – and get the most out of – their personal and professional lives. The emotional intelligence workbook is designed to help individuals understand and develop this important part of their repertoire.

Use the workbook to help groups and individuals:

  • understand the concept of emotional intelligence
  • think about their own behavior and their impact on others
  • make sense of their feedback following an ESCI 360° assessment
  • take steps to improve their emotional and social intelligence.

Why choose the Hay Group emotional intelligence workbook?

Hay Group has worked with emotional intelligence pioneers Goleman and Boyatzis to develop deep expertise in this important area of professional and leadership effectiveness. The emotional intelligence workbook helps individuals to gain a thorough grounding in EI, participate in coaching or group discussions or build on what they’ve learned from earlier feedback.

The ESCI workbook includes:

  • practical exercises designed to help tackle the challenges of everyday life
  • detailed information and development tips about each of the EI behaviors
  • a wealth of activities to help build on EI strengths.

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