Career Architect® Development Planner 5th Edition



Learn from experiences

The Career Architect™ Development Planner 5th Edition was created for deeper and more detailed development planning than FYI For Your Improvement™. The content provides in-depth research that helps learners identify the right development experiences and how to best learn from those experiences.

The Career Architect® Development Planner is for:

  • Individual learners working on their own development
  • Bosses, supervisors and managers supporting others with their development
  • Coaches, mentors and feedback givers

Research-based development

The 5th Edition of Career Architect® Development Planner introduces new content that makes it even easier to identify development needs and create targeted development plans including:

  • Enhanced remedy questions and action statements
  • Two additional full-time jobs—added to competency chapters
  • Other causes for stallers and stoppers
  • Four new appendices—Competency Connections, Developmental Difficulty Matrix, Learning Plan, and Coaching Resource Guide
  • A comprehensive index

Use With

We recommend using this with…

Career Architect® Development Planner Placemat—defines and lists each of the research-based Full-Time Jobs and Develop-in-Place Assignments that are featured in the Career Architect® Development Planner 5th Edition book.

Coaches and managers working with individual employees to build skill or avoid derailment use the electronic version of the Career Architect Development Planner Learning Plan to help learners create easy-to-use targeted development and learning plans.

Career Architect® Development Planner Intellectual Property License—is available in English for your organization’s internal use.

FYI For Your Improvement™ 5th Edition—an easy-to-use development and coaching tool for learners, managers, mentors, coaches and feedback givers.

Leadership Architect® Sort Cards with Quick Reference Guide—an affordable and easy-to-use method of implementing competency-based HR processes.

Voices® Multi-rater 360º Feedback System— a Web-enabled competency-based and research-validated 360º feedback tool that provides learners with a powerful tool for development and improvement.

FYI for Insight: 21 Leadership Characteristics for Success and the 5 That Get You Fired starts individuals on a path toward improvement by building self-awareness. FYI for Insight is used to help individuals gain awareness, get to acceptance, and take action to improve performance.

An FYI for Insight intellectual property license lets organizations embed clusters or characteristics into existing systems, leverage familiar technology to streamline new program initiatives, and gain early buy-in for new programs.

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