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Valuable Learning Agility tools

Learning Agility, the ability to perform well under first-time, challenging conditions, is a key differentiator in identifying and developing your most successful leaders. Learning Agility Architect™ Sort Cards, formerly Choices Architect® Sort Card Deck, are a critical tool to facilitate job profiling for roles requiring Learning Agility and understanding the behaviors associated with the different factors and dimensions of Learning Agility.

Enhanced to include the Updated Five-Factor Learning Agility model, Learning Agility Architect™ Sort Cards are relevant for:

  • HR professionals identifying the jobs requiring Learning Agility and the behaviors associated with Learning Agility
  • Executive stakeholders interested in understanding which jobs require Learning Agility
  • Coaches and managers who are helping others understand the behaviors associated with Learning Agility
  • Career-minded individuals working on their own career development

Use With

We recommend using this with…

FYI™ for Learning Agility 2nd Edition - A must-have resource for high potential development, FYI™ for Learning Agility is valuable both as a self-guided development tool and as a resource for coaches and managers in developing the skills to succeed in first time and challenging roles.

Learning Agility Architect™ Research and Interpretation Guide (Placemat) - A critical Learning Agility coaching and training tool highlighting jobs and assignments that build Learning Agility, the Learning Agility factor and dimension Library Structure, and tools for Development Planning discussions.

Learning Agility Architect™ Quick Reference Guide - Designed as a resource for understanding and applying the Learning Agility Architect™ assessment, the Guide includes detailed descriptions and common uses for the Learning Agility Architect Sort Cards as well as other Learning Agility Architect™ tools.

Learning Agility Architect™ Quick Score Questionnaire - A versatile self-scorable paper survey updated to measure the five factors of Learning Agility allowing for quick assessment of self and others, streamlined scoring and easy interpretation of results.

Choices™ Online Assessment - Designed to measure the dimensions of Learning Agility, the Choices™ online multi-rater assessment is a research-based tool and resource for measuring Learning Agility and implementing a Learning Agility development program.

Choices™ Sample Feedback Report - Updated to include all five factors of Learning Agility, the Choices™ Sample Feedback Report represents the results of the Choices™ multi-rater assessment and includes the individual report in a format to facilitate a Learning Agility development discussion.

Choices™ Sample Coach Report - Updated to include all five factors of Learning Agility, the Choices™ Sample Coach Report represents the results of the Choices™ multi-rater assessment and includes the individual report as well as additional, valuable detail only for the coach.

viaEDGE™ - an online individual assessment of learning agility - an individual’s ability and willingness to both learn from experience and apply that learning to perform successfully under new or first-time situations.

Learn More

Download a Choices™ Sample Coach Report.

Read a sample chapter of FYI™ for Learning Agility.

Become certified. Because we believe in best practice applications, some tools require certification to purchase. Certification ensures a research foundation, applied practice and knowledge transfer so you may effectively implement best practices in your organization.


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License Learning Agility Architect™ content

An intellectual property license allows organizations to calibrate how organizations talk about high potentials including creating a common language that allows differentiation and comparisons between high potentials.

Organizations can use an intellectual property license to create derivatives that may include:

  • Presentations
  • Worksheets
  • Memos
  • Job descriptions
  • Employee Management Systems
  • E-mails

Developing learning agility

An intellectual property license allows organizations to:

  • Create a customized approach to assessing/identifying high potentials
  • Customize development plans for high potentials
  • Maintain an internal database of high potentials
  • Define skilled/unskilled learning agility characteristics to coincide with organizational needs
  • Customize importance scales of learning agility dimensions