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Are your employees – or clients – worn out from dealing with reduced resources, conflicting demands and relentless change? Are you working with individuals struggling to maintain their own resilience? Are you coaching managers facing burn-out: their own or their employees’?

We’re all working with greater uncertainty, ambiguity and change than ever. Resilience is about dealing effectively with – and making the most of – what we experience in everyday life. It helps employees and leaders to improve their effectiveness and sustain their efforts.

How can the resilience workbook help?

The seven resilience factors are the work of Karen Reivich and Andrew Shatté, spanning two decades. Reivich and Shatté’s research resulted in the formation of Adaptiv Learning Systems. Developed in partnership with Adaptiv, the resilience workbook includes:
  • access to an online resilience factor self-score diagnostic
  • detailed information on each of the seven resilience factors
  • practical exercises and ideas to boost resilience skills
  • activities to help individuals apply these skills in everyday life.

How can you use the resilience workbook?

The workbook helps individuals to review their resilience strengths, identify those areas that need a boost and decide how best to go about it. It provides additional depth to emotional intelligence by exploring how our thinking influences our emotions and our behavior.You can use the resilience workbook to help groups or individuals:

  • understand the seven resilience factors
  • reflect on how their thoughts and beliefs impact their resilience
  • learn more about themselves and their approach to life’s challenges.

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