Coaching Process Questionnaire/Workbook - (CPQ) - set of 10 - English

Coaching Process Questionnaire/Workbook - (CPQ) - set of 10

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Coaching is about building relationships that help others to learn and change. A coach supports people on the journey between who they are and who they want to be, helping them to explore their true potential. This sentiment applies even when we're coaching employees. Whether we’re a business coach, mentor, manager, supervisor or colleague, we adopt a coaching philosophy that will make the path as smooth as possible.

Use the coaching process questionnaire (CPQ) to:

  • understand more about how people learn and change
  • help your employees – managers, mentors and colleagues – become more confident and effective in their coaching techniques
  • build ‘best practice’ in delivering feedback
  • help line managers to have effective development and performance discussions.

Why choose this CPQ?

The ability to coach others can make all the difference to the success of a team. This tool has the potential to build coaching capability in your organization at many levels. It’s also the perfect introduction to tools and ideas that can help coaches – and coachees – in their development. The coaching process questionnaire is quick, easy to use and cost effective. It enables managers, mentors and professional coaches to assess their coaching behaviors against each of the four elements of the coaching process. They can gather feedback to compare against their self-assessment and establish their own coaching philosophy, strengths, and development needs.

We recommend using this with…

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Read a sample of the Coaching Process Workbook