Leadership Styles Workbook - 10 PK

Leadership Styles Workbook - 10 PK

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Everyone can recall their best manager – and their worst – and the specific things they did to boost (or dent) morale and performance. This workbook gives leaders a chance to understand, and improve, their own leadership style. Korn Ferry has identified six styles that leaders use to bring out the best in their teams. By matching the right style to a given situation, leaders can make a positive impact on the business.

Use the Leadership Styles Workbook to help your leaders:

  • understand which of the six styles they use most frequently
  • compare what they do with what their situation requires of them
  • get tips on when a particular style is more, or less, effective
  • start to think about areas for action and improvement.

Why choose the Korn Ferry Leadership Styles Workbook?

This workbook gives leaders a chance to understand their own leadership style, reflect on whether it suits the situations they face, and make appropriate changes.

The Leadership Styles Workbook is a simple tool that introduces the six leadership styles, which are:

  • Directive 
  • Visionary
  • Affiliative
  • Participative
  • Pacesetting
  • Coaching.

It enables leaders to identify their intentions and think about whether they are using the leadership styles to best effect. The Leadership Styles Workbook is most effective when used in conjunction with the Organizational Climate Workbook (OCW) as leadership style impacts the climate a leader creates for their team.

Disclaimer: The Leadership Styles Workbook is not a diagnostic tool. For a comprehensive assessment of leadership styles, Korn Ferry recommends the Inventory of Leadership Styles (ILS), an internet-administered, 180° assessment. The ILS can only be administered by an accredited professional.

We recommend using this with…

Organizational Climate Workbook (OCW) Introduces the concept of organizational climate and helps managers to reflect on the climate they are creating and its potential impact on their team

Leadership Styles and Climate Reference Card A quick reference tool that provides: a clear definition of each style and each climate dimension, guidance on when each style is most effective, an overview of how each style affects each dimension of climate.

Tower Building Exercise This exercise gives participants first-hand experience of how management style affects the performance of a team.