Stuck Truck Exercise - 10 PK

Stuck Truck Exercise - 10 PK

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Experiencing how learning styles can apply to a ‘real life’ situation helps participants to think about how they work as a team – and how they solve problems together. The 'Stuck Truck' Exercise is a lively way to show team members how they can learn from the people they work with.

Participants in the exercise will see how different learning styles can enhance the problem solving process. They receive tips on using their learning styles to tackle the different stages in problem solving and the different sides of a situation.

The Stuck Truck Exercise invites participants to resolve an emergency situation by ranking, in order of importance, a list of useful items. Participants are then assigned to groups and asked to reach a consensus on the rank ordering of those same items. Comparing their group decision with an ‘expert’ rank order allows them to assess just how effective they are at problem solving as a group.

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