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Becoming An Agile Leader: Know What To Do…When You Don't Know What To Do

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Know What To Do…When You Don't Know What To Do

Research demonstrates that Learning Agility is a key asset, both in business leadership and in life. Becoming an Agile Leader explores the five key characteristics, or factors, of Learning Agility – a proven success differentiator for leaders.

Agile leaders, or those with a high degree of Learning Agility, share some key characteristics including:

  • Self-Awareness
  • Mental Agility
  • People Agility
  • Change Agility
  • Results Agility

The book introduces the concept of Learning Agility through a series of engaging portraits of well-known leaders in business, politics, science and the arts. Designed with development in mind, Becoming an Agile Leader is filled with dozens of practical development tips to start today, ideas for on- and off-the-job roles to build Learning Agility, advice on avoiding “overuse”, and suggested readings for further exploration of the five Learning Agility factors.

Becoming an Agile Leader is a valuable resource for:

  • Leaders looking to equip themselves and their organizations with the skills to win in an era of ever-increasing change and complexity
  • Emerging leaders who aspire to broad leadership roles
  • Any person looking to grow in order to meet their career goals
  • Talent Management professionals seeking a science-based method to assess, differentiate, and deploy talent
  • Coaches and mentors who are helping others develop their leadership skills

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FYI for Insight: 21 Leadership Characteristics for Success and the 5 That Get You Fired starts individuals on a path toward improvement by building self-awareness. FYI for Insight is used to help individuals gain awareness, get to acceptance, and take action to improve performance.

Learning Agility Architect™ Quick Score Questionnaires are a carbonless, paper version of the paper survey that let administrators score the survey in half the time. Paper Questionnaires for learners let users assess others using coded questionnaires instead of sorting cards.

Learning From Experience™-(LFE) Interview Guide is a human resources tool designed to assist employers with the interviewing process. The Guide helps organizations build future bench strength through interviewing and selecting the most learning agile internal and external candidates.

FYI™ for Learning Agility a book of tips and strategies that help people develop skills that lead to increased learning agility.

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